Grasper Gribley is an anthropomorphic dog.


Grasper Gribley used to be a prospector looking for diamonds. His mine was right next to Scrooge McDuck's, and the two were competing for the same diamonds. Eventually they both came across the same diamonds at the same time, their tunnels unexpectedly meeting. Gribley lost his temper and blundered with a candle and a load of dynamite; he could barely escape in time before the mine exploded. Gribley was left with nothing, and eventually turned homeless (and occasionally pickpocket). In 2003 he happened to meet Scrooge McDuck and accused him of having sabotaged his mine on purpose, demanding retribution. The truth soon surfaced and Scrooge bought Gribley new clothes and a hot dog before sending him on his way. Ingrate, Gribely had filched Scrooge's wallet.

Behind the scenesEdit

Grasper Gribley only ever appeared in the 2004 story Guilty As Charged.

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