Gravicycles were a type of one-man hovering vehicles from the planet Zoa.


A variation of the anti-gravity technology also used in Zoaite Spacecrafts, Gravicycles were small, one-man crafts optimized for the hunt of Leaping Lizards. They were used by the murderous hunter Doeg and his followers throughout the Earth year 1980, until it was discovered that the hunting of the Leaping Lizards was directly responsible for an Airiodactyl infestation that threatened all of Zoa.

Following this discovery, Arbol the Naturalist set about trying to outlaw Gravicycles and their associated "sport", using an Electronic Scarecrow given to him by Mickey Mouse to put Doeg's fleet out of commission in the meantime, as the device's high frequencies happened to Gravicycle circuitry.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Gravicycles appear in the 1980 story Mission to Planet Zoa.

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