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Great-Grandpappy Beagle, also known as Great-Great-Grandpappy Beagle, as Grandpappy Beagle, or by his prison number (Number One), is a male anthropomorphic dog.


The oldest and wisest Beagle Boy alive, Great-Grandpappy, who bears the prison number “1”, is greatly trusted by later generations of Beagles, which is perhaps somewhat foolish of them, as, being a Beagle, Great-Grandpappy is as shifty as they come. Prone to telling stories about the clan's past, he once told the Duckburg trio about their ancestor Beegul's ownership of all the water in the world.

Behind the scenes

Great-Grandpappy Beagle first appeared in the 1975 comic story Scrooge For A Day, and was again mentioned later in the same year in The Deep Sea Deed. A rebooted version of the character was later given a more prominent role in DuckTales 2017.

There is some doubt about Great-Grandpappy Beagle's exact relationship with the main Duckburg trio and their generation of Beagles; while he is most often referred to as "Great-Grandpappy” by them, their first mention of him in Scrooge For A Day is as “Great-Great-Grandpappy”, and they are also observed to call him “Grandpappy” later on in the same story. A separate character was later introduced as explicitly the Duckburg trio's great-grandfather, lending credence to the hypothesis that Number One is really their great-great-grandfather but they drop one of the "greats" out of convenience.

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