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The Green Gremlin is a fictional character from the in-universe comic book series Super Snooper.


The Green Gremlin (presumably a gremlin supervillain, or a supervillain who dresses up as a gremlin) is a member of the rogues gallery of comic-book superhero Super Snooper. One of the Super Snooper comic issues owned by Donald Duck by August of 1979 bore the title Super Snooper Battles the Green Gremlin, which Primly Allworth called "lurid" with shrieks of outrage when he happened to set eyes on it.

Behind the scenes

The Green Gremlin is mentioned in the 1979 comic story Twilight Man, or, at the very least, in its 1987 localization by Geoffrey Blum. He is, of course, named after one of the most notorious Spider-Man villains, the Green Goblin.