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The Gremlins are a race of sentient humanoid beings.


The Gremlins are a race of sentient humanoid beings. Adult male Gremlins are simply called Gremlins, adult female Gremlins are called Fifinellas, male children are called Widgets, and female children are called Flibbertigibbets. There is also a related race or subspecies known as the Spandules.

The Gremlins once lived in a beautiful forest, until World War II, when the British government cut it down for war supplies. In revenge, the Gremlins began to sabotage airplanes, causing them to crash, until a British pilot named Gus convinced them that they should join forces to fight against a common enemy, the Nazis. The Gremlins agreed, and each of the Gremlins joined with a pilot, taking on the pilot's name after "Gremlin". The leader of the Gremlins partnered with Gus, becoming Gremlin Gus. During the war, a British flight lieutenant/author named Roald Dahl found out about them, and published a book about their story.[1] After the war, Gus let the Gremlins live in the forest on his property, where they were content for many years, (although occasionally still sneaking out and destroying air planes for the fun of it) until Gus died in 2008. The land was inherited by his grandson , also named Gus, who planned on selling the land to greedy land developers who would chop down the forest. After the Gremlins revealed themselves to Gus, he agreed to keep the land, and the Gremlins went on living there. At some point after this (for unknown reasons, as it would seem that Gus at least would remember them), the Gremlins were forgotten, and were transported to Wasteland. They took part in many adventures there, and helped build the land. It is unknown if they are still in Wasteland, as it would seem that at least a few people left the dimension after Mickey's adventures there.

Behind the scenes

The Gremlins first appeared in The Gremlins, a children's book by Roald Dahl and published in 1943. It was Dahl's first children's book, and was written for Walt Disney Productions, as a promotional device for a feature-length animated film that was never made. With Dahl's assistance, a series of gremlin characters were developed, and while pre-production had begun, the film project was eventually abandoned, in part because the studio could not establish the precise rights of the "gremlin" story, and in part because the British Air Ministry was heavily involved in the production because Dahl, who was on leave from his wartime Washington posting, insisted on final approval of script and production. Although the movie was never made, the Gremlins endured in comic-form and in World War II propaganda.

  1. The book was shown to exist in-universe in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two.