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Grimhilde, formerly known as Queen Grimhilde or the Evil Queen and also called the Wicked Witch or Witch Winifred, is a human woman.


The sister of enchanter Lord Maliss, Grimhilde was once an extremely vain Middle-Ages woman. She researched potions and spellbooks, seeking ways to remain beautiful forever and to rule all. She succeeded in her endeavor and actually lived for a millenium.[1] Retreating into the Black Forest, she married the kings of many an enchanted kingdom within, expanding her empire, with the last being the widowed King Leopold. She had come to own an all-seeing Magic Mirror, whom she asked every day who the most beautiful woman in the land was. Always the answer was that she was, of course.

However, one day, it turned out her young step-daughter, Princess Snow-White, had become prettier than she was. In her madness, the Queen tried more and more desperately to murder Snow White, eventually magicall turning herself into an old hag as a “perfect disguise”. This was eventually her undoing, as while she was recovering from severe injuries gotten during the last of her attempts at Snow's life, her redeemed ex-lieutenant Humbert burnt her castle and her spellbooks with it. By the time Grimhilde found the necessary ingredients to turn back into her usual form and reclaim her throne, Snow White and her newfound fiancé Prince Ferdinand were ruling the country and had exposed her treacheries.

Since then, Grimhilde, despite the odd revenge attempts against the Dwarfs and Snow White, has mostly given up on her grand ambitions. Appearing to have gone a little mad, she now fully assumes her 'Wicked Witch' persona and mostly causes harm for the sake of it, though she is easily foiled, having lost much of her cunning. She occasionally causes havoc in Duckburg and Mouseton.


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Behind the scenes

She first appeared in 1937 in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

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