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The Guardians of Morality are an organization of self-appointed mortal guardians.


Founded by self-declared authority Doctor Primly Allworth (who may well have been its only member aside from Donald Duck's brief employment), the organization of the Guardians of Morality hounded Duckburg in 1979 with doomsday-preaches about the dangers of superhero comic-books, with Super Snooper as their prime target. They also promoted Doctor Allworth's own children's books, Golden Tales for Tiny Tots, advertised as healthy and uplifting reads, though they were in truth unfathomably boring tosh.

Behind the scenes

The Guardians of Morality appear in the 1979 story Twilight Man and are, of course, parodies of similar movements of "concerned educators" which genuinely existed in the middle of the 20th century.