Gummo McDuck was an anthropomorphic duck.


Gummo McDuck was Scrooge McDuck's great-uncle. Unlike most McDucks, Gummo was a generous and carefree type, as well as a relentless practical joker. The McDucks didn't like him, nor his manners, very much, but unlike his empoverished relatives, Gummo lived in a luxurious castle where he let them stay every summer; therefore, they had much cause to avoid angering him. Scrooge McDuck spent many of his childhood summers playing in the castle, and, despite his later grumpiness, loved his Uncle Gummo's jokes. 

Gummo McDuck passed away at some point before 1920. However, rather than simply bequeathing the castle, he left instructions in his will that the castle would belong to any McDuck who solved a specific riddle he'd written on the walls of the castle. Scrooge McDuck would eventually solve the riddle, but discover too late that Gummo had died bankrupt and the bank now owned the castle, riddle or no riddle. As for Gummo himself, rumor has it he still haunts his castle, which "wouldn't surprise" Scrooge, although that has never been confirmed.

Behind the scenesEdit

Gummo McDuck was only ever seen in the 1988 story The Daft McDuck.

Italian editor translate Gummo McDuck as Paper Mac Paper, the of a character created by Guido Martina and Giovan Battista Carpi for the story Paperino e le delizie del condominio and after reused in Paperino e il vento del Sud.

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