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Gustave Goose, better known as Gus Goose, is an anthropomorphic goose.


The lazy Gus Goose is Grandma Duck's inefficient yet friendly farm hand and occasional chauffeur, living and working on Grandma's farm with his cat. He seems to be something of an animal-lover, as could be seen when he once refused to collect Grandma's mail due to a family of birds living in his mailbox that he did not wish to disturb. Gus Goose is also extremely greedy and, if it was up to him, would spend all his waking time eating, something his mother is completely oblivious about, telling relatives that "he don't eat much".

He is Donald Duck's cousin and the son of Luke Goose and Fanny Coot.

Behind the scenes

Created for the 1939 short Donald's Cousin Gus by Carl Barks, Gus Goose was first used in May of 1938 in a Donald Duck comic strip called Just in time for dinner.

Voice Actors

Notes and References

  1. Disney Babies and Donald's First portray Gus as being around the same age as his cousin, Donald Duck, who was born in 1920