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Gus Goose is an anthropomorphic gander and Gus Goose's counterpart in the Donaldless Continuum.

Description Edit

This version of Gus Goose, rather than come to live at Elvira Duck's farm and becomes her lazy but dependable farmhand, was hired by Scrooge McDuck as his personal assistant. Due to his gluttony and simple-mindedness, however, Gus was easily tricked by Magica De Spell into giving her the Number One Dime, plunging his boss's life — and thereby his own — into chaos. Gus was out of a job after Scrooge went bankrupt, and stuck with the old man, seemingly in an effort to atone for his mistake by helping him out as best he could. Being extremely poor, Gus lost his trademark plumpness, and, indeed, became frightfully skinny.

Behind the scenesEdit

This version of Gus Goose only appeared in 1994 in The Duck Who Never Was.

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