Doctor Gyrempe was an anthropomorphic cockatoo.


The German Doctor Gyrempe was one of Victor von Duckenstein's teachers at Ingoldstadt at the beginning of the 19th century. He, alongside his colleague Professor Waldrake, taught Victor modern artistic and chemical theories, insisting that Victor's earlier education (based on the works of the likes of Papercelsus and Gyrus Magnus) was woefully outdated.

Shortly before Victor arrived at the university, Gyrempe, a chemist, had been experimenting with a new material, cardboard. The forward-thinking but down-to-earth doctor could only think to use it to make packages, but Victor realized that such a ductile, malleable, yet sturdy fabric was ideal for the body of the animated works of art he was developing, leading to the creation of Growl.

Behind the scenesEdit

Gyrempe appears in the 2016 story Duckenstein.

As the story is one of the Grandi Parodie, he is a historical counterpart to a present-day regular — namely, Gyro Gearloose. As to the "Frankenstein parody" aspect of things, he takes over the role of Dr Krempe from the Mary Shelley novel, who was Victor Frankenstein's Natural History teacher at Ingolstadt. Amusingly, the literary Krempe is described as squat, obnoxious, and repulsive, making Gyro a rather poor fit for the character; the only common trait between Krempe and Gyrempe is that both mock Victor's alchemical readings upon his arriving at the University, but unlike Gyrempe, Krempe never does anything to redeem himself of this in Victor's mind and remains his enemey.

It is possible that Gyrempe is an ancestor of Gyro Gearloose, much as Professor Waldrake may be a forebear of Ludwig von Drake's. By the same token, it is possible that Gyrus Magnus was an ancestor of both Gyro and Gyrempe (which would make Gyrempe's deriding of Gyrus Magnus's works all the more amusing).

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