The Gyro-Plane, also known as the Gyro-Copter, is a one-of-a-kind flying vehicle.


The Gyro-Plane is a small, somewhat rickety hybrid of plane and helicopter that was built by Gyro Gearloose from spare parts in 1982 to fly with Scrooge McDuck in search of the ruins of ancient Tootum-Too. On this first flight, Gyro accidentally discovered an inexplicable phenomenon: while the Gyro-Plane wasn't much for a vehicle (it was incapable of landing without crashing), if the rays of the Terrascope where pointed at its propellor, it would function as a time machine, catapulting itself backwards through time thousands of years.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Gyro Plane was first seen in 1982 in Trip to Tootum-Too.

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