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Gyro Gearloose is an anthropomorphic cockatoo.


Gyro Gearloose is the local Duckburg eccentric inventor. Somewhat absent-minded, he is also an absolute technical genius; Gyro has invented thousands of world-changing inventions without thinking much of it, and spaceships, universal solvents, and veeblefetzers galore are lying around in his very messy lab. Humble to the point of blindingness, he seldom gets any payment for his inventions (especially when the client is his distant relative Scrooge McDuck).

Luckily, Gyro has an assistant to assist him: the Little Helper, a small but efficient sapient robot, whom he considers his best friend and spiritual son. The Little Helper is almost as clever as Gyro, and, due to his mechanical nature, is much more cool-headed and organized, always being the one to remind Gyro to get paid for his work, and sometimes getting Gyro out of tricky situations in which his own blunders have put him.

Physical appearanceEdit

Gyro is a tall cockatoo; his feathers are white, he has very messy blond hair and wears glasses. Presumably due to some crossbreeding with another species in the distant past, the Gearlooses have human-like feet. As for his suit, Gyro wears a green hat, a red shirt, a black sleeveless waistocat and blue pants. 

Behind the scenesEdit

Gyro was first seen in 1952 in Gladstone's Terrible Secret.

Voice ActorsEdit

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