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Gyrus Magnus was presumably an anthropomorphic cockatoo.


Gyrus Magnus was an ancient alchemist who mixed magical lore and experimental studies in his works. His writings were a formative influence upon Victor von Duckenstein, though his later teachers Gyrempe and Professor Waldrake taught him that his works, by then, were dreadfully out of date.

It is possible that Gyrus Magnus was an ancestor of Gyro Gearloose, and of Gyrempe by the same token.

Behind the scenes

Gyrus Magnus is mentioned in the 2016 story Duckenstein.

Gyrus Magnus is named after modern-day regular Gyro Gearloose (who also lends his face and name to the modern scientist Gyrempe in the same story). As to the "Frankenstein parody" aspect of things, the original Victor Frankenstein read the works of Albertus Magnus in place of Gyrus's, though how much Gyrus has in common with Albertus is ambiguous.