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Hackney McWebfoot is an anthropomorphic duck.


Hackney McWebfoot is Donald Duck's second cousin. He is the most highly regarded writer on the comic Pop Cop, regarded by Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck as one of the best comic series of all times. However, after many years of working on that character, McWebfoot had lost all inspiration, feeling he had exhausted all the possibilities the character had to offer. He found himself reduced to slightly tweaking year-old scripts and passing them as new material.

However, in 2007, he visited his relatives from Duckburg and found the spark again after observing a mere day's worth of their incessant and unbelievable adventures. Inspired, he pitched a new comic series to his editor, about the adventures of an average but unlucky guy, a very lucky duck, a mad inventor and an extremely rich guy. Ironically, the editor replied that such unbelievable tales would never find an audience.

Behind the scenes

Hackney McWebfoot only ever appeared in the 2007 story Nothing New.

It has been speculated he may be the grandson of Donald Duck's great-uncle Arnold Duck.