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Hairy Von Hunchback is a male anthropomorphic dog.


Hairy Von Hunchback used to be a repulsive, mentally unstable, hunchbacked sorcerer from the X-Dimension. With, by his own admission, Count Dracula as his role model, Von Hunchback lived in an appropriately ominous castle and had legions of demons at his command. Though appearing to be around 50, the sorcerer was actually over 300 years old in 2001, having seemingly achieved immortality through his arcane powers.

In 2001, Hairy hatched a plot to steal all of Earth's Halloween candy for himself. To do so, he convinced his demon legions (who might otherwise have been reluctant to help him) that it was a "secret weapon" of the Earth that he meant to take control of; then, he used his dark magic to cast a mind-control spells over all nearby monsters, enslaving them to help build a portal-door to Earth only controlled by himself.

Fortunately for earthly candy-lovers, two monsters, Gordon the Ghost and Wolfgang the Werewolf, escaped the mass enslavement and enlisted the help of Mickey Mouse and his friends on Earth. After a series of strange happenstances, Von Hunchback ended up turned (in suit, skill, and accent alike) into a French chef by Clarabelle Cow's ill-controlled magic. Unlike Gordon and Wolfgang, the monsters freed from his thrall never bothered to turn him back (as the Realm of Darkness was in dire need of a good cook, anyway).

Behind the scenes

Hairy Von Hunchback was only ever seen in the 2001 story You Can Count on Count Mickey, of which he is the main antagonist.