The Hall of Fame Guard is an anonymous male duck.


This whiskered, uniform-wearing duck is the guard of the Duckburg Hall of Fame; his purpose is to throw out any rude guest who disturbs other people's enjoyment of their visit. The Guard took his job very seriously and thought so highly of his museum that he threw Donald Duck out of it with a kick when Donald loudly claimed that the "famous" people honored in the Hall didn't do anything extraordinary. The Guard then dared Donald to try and perform a Hall-worthy feat himself, which Donald attempted to do by climbing the Empire Duck Building. Though this didn't work out the way Donald intended, he nonetheless ended up earning his place in the Hall; however, the Guard was very pleased to notice that the statue Donald had earned was so big that there was only room for it in the basement storeroom.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Guard only ever appeared in the 1961 story The Fame Game.

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