The Hall of Science is a building located in Calisota, in either Mouseton or Duckburg.


A sprawling, sleek Tomorrowland-resque center, the Hall of Science is a research facility as well as a scientific museum, wherein tourists can come admire, and learn about, the latest technological marvels developed by its team of scientists. Throughout the 2010's, Ludwig von Drake was employed there, both as a scientist and as a guide. He often hosted exhibits only comprising his own inventions. On several occasions, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy visited Von Drake in the Hall of Science only for things to go awry with one of his latest creations, to the point that Donald became very leery of the place.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Hall of Science first appeared in the 2014 Mickey Mouse: The Series cartoon Down the Hatch. It reappeared in Split Decision (2016) and Outta Time (2019).

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