HalloWishes is a musical audioplay serving as the backdrop of a fireworks display, with the show created under the supervision of Steven Davison and Eric Tucker. It features the Ghost Host, Ursula, Jafar, Maleficent, Oogie Boogie, Winnifred Sanderson, Madame Leota and Little Leota. Residents of the Haunted Mansion and Halloween Town are also present, but none are individually identified.


The Ghost Host hosts a high-flying, musical Halloween party with the Happy Haunts of the Haunted Mansion. However, the ghosts' "Scary-oke” is interrupted by the arrival of several villains with their own brand of evil music and dark showmanship to bring, each wanting to outdo the others.


Note: all the songs here are new arrangements of preexisting Disney songs, most heavily cut down and with their lyrics altered.


Snippets of the following songs are heard during the "Scary-oke" sequence:

Behind the scenesEdit

HalloWishes, later renamed Happy Hallowishes, is a yearly fireworks show hosted by Walt Disney World every Halloween. As the audio is prerecorded, the narrative is largely unchanged from one year to another, though the songs making up the Scary-oke were changed in 2008, and Maleficent's segment was cut that same year.

It marks the sole known performance of Kevin Michael Richardson as the Ghost Host. The reason why his go-to modern voice, Corey Burton, didn't reprise the role here is unknown.

HalloWishes has equivalents (with similar song-makeup and firework effects, but markedly different narratives) in Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland, entitled Halloween Screams: A Villainous Surprise in the Skies and Nightmare in the Sky respectively.

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