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The Halloween Pumpkin is a male, animate pumpkin.


The Halloween Pumpkin was, in 1952, an ordinary Jack-o-lantern carved and carried about by Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck. However, when they encountered Witch Hazel and the witch got it into her old head to successfully scared nearby Donald Duck, she used her magic to bring whatever came to mind to life, and the Pumpkin was no exception, gaining sentience, a deep, booming voice, and the ability to fly, and taking part in the midnight jamboree that ensued. Becoming, in later years, quite knowledgeable about the lore of Halloween and about other famous witches (such as Madam Mim and Grimhilde), the Pumpkin later hosted nightly, televised talks about the nature and history of Halloween.

Behind the scenes

The Halloween Pumpkin first appeared in 1952's Trick or Treat, and was used (in puppet form) as the narrator of several Disney Halloween specials later on, including the ever-popular Disney's Halloween Treat. A 2017 Continuum version appeared in in a Halloween cartoon posted on Twitter by Tanner Johnson, but has not made any animated appearances.

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