The Hallway Knight is the ghost of a (presumably male) humanoid of undetermined species.


When the Haunted Mansion celebrated the 50th anniversary of its opening to the public for the first time, this ghostly Knight, wielding a halberd, was seen standing in the Endless Hallway, occasionally shifting poses to startle the passing mortals in their Doombuggies.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Hallway Knight was one of the two new ghosts created for The Haunted Mansion’s 50th anniversary overlay in 2019, alongside the Gossip Ghost in the Ballroom and played by live Cast Members. Though presumably inspired by the preexisting Knight of the Living Dead live character, the Hallway Knight wears a distinctly different armor and is thus best seen as a new character.

It is unclear whether the Knight is meant to be one of the Mansion's 999 regulars, or a "foreign" ghost come to call in for the anniversary.

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