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Hammerhead Hannigan is a male anthropomorphic goat.


The whiny-voiced, New-York-accented Hammerhead Hannigan was, in 1991, one of the top non-superpowered criminals in St. Canard — not counting his ability to ram targets with his horns). He served as Taurus Bulba's head henchman during the plot to take control of the Ram Rod, but ended up being zapped with the malfunctioning ray and floating away to parts unknown with Hoof and Mouth. However, he eventually returned to the St. Canard underworld, being one of the criminals who showed up to Phineas Sharp's auction for a stolen master-list of S.H.U.S.H. agents later the same year.

Behind the scenes

Hammerhead Hannigan was introduced in Darkly Dawns The Duck, the pilot episode of Darkwing Duck, and after a lengthy absence appeared in In Like Blunt. He is a fairly blatant parody of the Marvel Comics' villain Hammerhead, sharing his name, signature attire, and method of using his head as a weapon.

Voice actors