Happy Haunts is an unlicensed serialized comic story, written and drawn by Gina Grady. It featured most of the Haunted Mansion cast, including, so far, the Ghost Host, the Beating Heart Bride, the Ballroom Dancers, the Werecat Lady, the Flying Dutchman, Medusa, Constance Hatchaway and the Hatbox Ghost. The Redhead Wench and a Maid known as the Ghost Hostess are also featured.


Taking place prior to the Haunted Mansion's displacement to Disneyland, the story sees the arrival of a pirate ghost (the Redhead Wench) and her awkward attempts to befriend the Beating Heart Bride Emily are the jumping-off point of ghostly misadventures in the Haunted Mansion, where hinges creak in doorless chambers, and the 999 ghouls are surprisingly reluctant to accept new faces — be they dead or otherwise!

Behind the scenesEdit

Happy Haunts is a fan webcomic. It was begun on October the 1st, 2018, and ran for three months before being put on indefinitely long hiatus.

During the hiatus, Grady began to post short stories presenting potential backstories for the various characters.

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