Happy Haunts Spirited Soirée was a live show based on The Haunted Mansion, part of its 50th anniversary celebrations. It featured the Ghost Host and Horace the Caretaker as well as a crowd of unnamed ghosts from the Haunted Mansion who comprised a funeral cortege.


As the Haunted Mansion's 50th anniversary nears, the Ghost Host comments to mortal guests as they watch a mysterious funeral cortege walk through the darkened streets of Disneyland. The question of the hour is: just who is inside the coffin? Is it truly the legendary 1000th "volunteer", as the Host claims? Or something altogether more unexpected?


  • The later performance 13th Hour (2019) takes place just after the Spirited Soirée, which ended with the Ghost Host telling the guests to proceed over to the Rivers of America as the Haunts have a celebration planned there (which forms the meat of 13th Hour).

Behind the scenesEdit

Happy Haunts Spirited Soirées Hour was a special event performed only once, in 2019. Among the various video captures of it, one was posted by WDW News Today, as seen above.

As is often the case with Disneyland live performances, no cast or crew is credited; the Ghost Host is unmistakably voiced by Corey Burton, but the names of any of the live performers, directors and special-effect artists elude the Wiki.

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