Harold the Abominable Snowman, also known as simply the Abominable Snowman or as the Yeti, is a male yeti.


Since 1978, this large white-furred primate with dark blue skin, menacing red eyes, and a foul temper has lurked in the caves of Disneyland's scale replica of the Matterhorn. His mighty roars — described as "ranking 6.9 on the Richter scale" — are as close to speech as he gets, casting doubts on the extent of his intelligence, although Disney employee Erin Glover boasts of being able to understand them.

Harold, who perceives the artificial Matterhorn as his environment (and may have originated in the real version of the same mountain), often tries to stop the guests' bobsleds in their tracks, though he's only ever succeeded in scaring them a little.


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Behind the scenesEdit

The Abominable Snowman is the main antagonist of the Disneyland ride Matterhorn Bobsleds. Though the ride opened in 1959, the character himself was only introduced in 1978 during a substantial overhaul of the ride. In 2015, the three animatronics depicting him were replaced with a redesigned version which was not without its detractors, on the occasion of the Park's 60th anniversary.

The Disney's Animal Kingdom counterpart to the Bobsleds, entitled Expedition Everest, features a notably different yeti with brown fur taking over Harold's narrative role. Fred Tastaciore, who would later voice Harold in his appearance in the Mickey Mouse TV series, provided the roars of that yeti also.

Voice ActorsEdit

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