Harp-B-Gone was formerly a business company in the 2017 Continuum.



The Harp-B-Gone logo.

Harp-B-Gone, named for Storkules's battle-cry of "Harpy, begone!" that inspired the company's foundation, was created by Louie Duck in 2018 with the purpose of removing the rampaging Harpies from Duckburg. Louie enlisted the helps of his siblings and Webby for the administrative aspect, and had Storkules acting as the actual Harpy-remover.

Harp-B-Gone went bankrupt when Louie realized they had done their jobs too well and captured all of the Harpies, compounded with the fact Louie had already spent all the company's earnings to create branded Harp-B-Gone merchandise (which he was later forced to jettison).

Behind the scenesEdit

Harp-B-Gone is central to the DuckTales 2017 episode, Storkules in Duckburg.

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