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The Harpies are supernatural creatures and the 2017 Continuum's counterpart to the Harpies.


The Harpies are monstrous bird-like humanoids under the control of Zeus, who, unlike the Prime Universe Harpies, and in spite of wearing jewelry, do not appear to be sapient or capable of speech. Harpies will attempt to steal the most prized possession of their victims, and also have a little-known love of lemon and lemon-based products.

In 2018, Zeus sent many Harpies after his son Storkules in punishment for his irritating lute-playing. Storkules was banished to Duckburg, where he was to prove himself a responsible adult, and the Harpies followed, wreaking havoc all over the city. With the help of Storkules, Louie Duck founded Harp-B-Gone, an organization devoted to capturing Harpies (for a price). After some additional mayhem, Webby managed to tame the Harpies and discover their love of lemons, exploiting it to make them into airborne carriers of goods for Scrooge McDuck.

Behind the scenesEdit

These Harpies debuted in the 2018 DuckTales 2017 episode, Storkules in Duckburg.

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