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This page describes content which was not licensed by all relevant copyright-holders, nor created by an established official creator. Hatbox Diary… Diaries??? Anyways… is an unlicensed parodical prose story written by Rain N. Thirteen. Continuing off of the original Hatbox Diary (and thus being part of the wider Charlie's Head Is In The Hatbox series), the story features Rain's version of the Hatbox Ghost. A version of Constance Hatchaway, a version of Madame Leota, and a version of the Ghost Host are also mentioned, as well as a mysterious individual mentioned only briefly at the end of the prose.


Charlie Hatfield returns to his diary to document his worries about the multiversal conundrum he's found himself in. He bemoans Constance's lax attitude regarding the other Hatbox Ghosts and pities Leota over the difficulties he imagines she must be facing. All seems hopeless for Charlie, but then he remembers someone he knows who can help. Who this someone is remains a mystery.


  • As well as continuing on from the original multi-part Hatbox Diary (2017), this story explicitly takes place a short time after the event of Into the Hatverse (2020).
  • This story shows Hatfield coming around to the suggestion made to him in Interlude… (2020) that he go consult an expert about the multiversal conundrum.
  • Time-Locked Cursive-Reading Ability (2021) reveals the identity of the ‘expert’ as Rain.

Behind the scenes

This story was released in August 2020 on the official Charlie's Head Is In The Hatbox blog.