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This is a disambiguation page for "Hatbox Ghost". By "Hatbox Ghost", you might mean:

  • The Hatbox Ghost, one of the ghosts haunting the Haunted Mansion, whose real name may be Randall Pace;
  • The Hatbox Ghost, the above character's counterpart in the 2017 Continuum;
  • The Hatbox Ghost, the first of two unnamed counterparts of the Hatbox Ghost who ended up in Rain's World in the unofficial Charlie's Head Is In The Hatbox series;
  • The Hatbox Ghost, the second of the two unnamed such counterparts in the series;
  • Randal Pace, the mortal name of a third such stranded parallel Hatbox Ghost;
  • Egore Von Bite, the Hatbox Ghost's counterpart in the Devil Shenanigans universe;
  • Thomas Gracey, the Hatbox Ghost's counterpart in Beau's World;
  • Horatio Ernest Topper, a ghost originally identified as a parallel version of the Hatbox Ghost in his unofficial appearances starting with The Hatbox Ghost's Merry Tomblr, who also made appearances in commercial works dropping the hatbox motif.