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Haunted Mansion Cutscenes is a CGI cartoon based on Kinect Adventures Disneyland. It features Madame Leota, the Ghost Host, the Hitchhiking Ghosts (Ezra, Phineas and Gus), the likeness of the Beheaded Knight, and an unnamed Haunted Mansion fan. The portrait of the Werecat Lady can also be spotted.


A young boy sneaks into the Haunted Mansion on foot and finds himself confronted with an angry Madame Leota

Behind the scenes

This cartoon short was created by Inside the Magic and posted on its YouTube channel.

It was created by splicing footage from all the Haunted Mansion cutscenes of the non-narrative Kinect Disneyland Adventures video game to create a continuous, albeit short, film. The only major part of the gameplay omitted by this makeshift retelling is the Fan's confrontation with Constance Hatchaway in the Grand Hall of the house, though the Ghost Host still urges him to get to the Hall (which he does not do).

As it was released a few days before the actual game, the short also acts as an advertisement for its release.