The Haunted Mansion Intro Reel is a cartoon webcast by Shannon Tindle. It features the portraits of Medusa and Master Gracey as well as an unnamed young woman.


A young woman recites the Ghost Host's famous speech about the Haunted Mansion as the camera slowly pans down a corridor in the Mansion, whose walls are, on both sides, more covered with Changing Portraits than ever. With considerable difficulty, the woman eventually climbs out of the Flying Dutchman portrait, soaked and exhausted, and announces that “it's going to be a bumpy ride”.


Behind the scenes

The Haunted Mansion Intro Reel is all that remains of a potential animated TV series based on The Haunted Mansion that was developed for Disney throughout 2017 by Shannon Tindle with the help of Sunmin Inn, Matt Williames and Rachelle Reyes. After the project was "scuttled", it was released as a standalone webcast of "what might have been" on the “Disney TV Animation News” YouTube channel.

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