Hazel's Monsters are a cohort of sentient chimeras.


Witch Hazel, over her long life, has created a wide variety of vaguely humanlike, multicolored chimeras who served as a familiars and hang around her witchcraft workshop. They are mischievous creatures who enjoy trick-or-treating on Halloween, and most of them have their own distinct personalities. Some of them possess the ability to talk or even sing, though not all of them. There is also good evidence that the monsters' existence is not perpetual; they can be "summoned" or "re-created" through spells, and their destruction is always temporary.[1] Their existence is thus also tied to her magic powers, and they are in danger of diappearing if she loses her magic abilities.[2] Among all of her monsters, Hazel has noted that Smorgasbord, a four-armed ogrelike abomination, is her favourite. Some of the monsters, most notably three singing ghosts, may have once been living creatures. Others were once inanimate objects, which Hazel animated, such as a jack o' lantern and a gate.

Behind the scenesEdit

Hazel's Monsters first appeared in 1952 in the comic version of Trick or Treat, by Carl Barks. However, three ghosts, a jack o' lantern, a flying gate, and an enchanted paint brush took their place in the cartoon.

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. This is best demonstrated by Smorgasbord's being summoned through a cauldron, and Hazel treating it as no big problem when he eventually explodes.
  2. This very nearly happens in Luciano Bottaro's 2004 story Goofy in the Microcosmos.
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