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Hazel House is a building in the 2017 Continuum's Duckburg.


Hazel House is “the most haunted house in town”, said to have been “hastily” built right on top of a gateway between the Living and the Dead. The foreboding, decrepit manor, whose backyard contains a small graveyard, is home to Witch Hazel and to several other monsters of the old school, including Nosferatu, Frankenstein, the Blob and a werewolf.

The monsters took to, every year scaring all trick-or-treaters who came to the House on Halloween into giving the monsters their candy — finding modern Halloween to be the one good thing about the modern world, as they had, otherwise, no opportunities to eat candy, with 24/7 candy-stores not existing anywhere. This led to a local legend about trick or treaters always disappearing, along with their candy, when they visited the House. A kid Launchpad McQuack once stumbled into the House, unaware of its mystique, but became convinced that he had brought Halloween into existence as a curse on Duckburg, a misunderstanding that was only cleared up in 2020.

That same year, Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck and Webby discovered the truth about the monsters of Hazel House, who had, by that point, taken to disguising themselves as more modern monsters (such as carnivorous clowns or creepy puppets) due to kids no longer being frightened of werewolves and witches.

Behind the scenes

Hazel House is the main setting of the 2020 Halloween special of DuckTales 2017's third season, The Trickening.

Although not a 1:1 counterpart, it bears a marked similarity to the Prime Universe's Haunted Mansion (with the presence of a Corridor of Doors and a graveyard behind the house) and Phantom Manor (in general architectural style). However, a version of the Mansion also exists in the 2017 Continuum, having been visited by the Ducks in the minisode The Hunt for the Ghost Bride's Ring.