The Heart Kingdoms is a parallel universe.

Description Edit

The Heart Kingdoms consists of millions of floating "islands" known as Worlds, connected by the Ocean Between, a space-like expanse stretching throughout the universe. The Kingdoms were once a single World, until the Keyblade War, during which much of the world was destroyed, until it was restored as many islands by the survivors of the destruction.

Most inhabitants of each World do not know about other Worlds, and those who travel between worlds are advised to not mention other Worlds, not interfere with the World they are in, or sometimes even change their appearances, to protect the world order. Only Keyblade Wielders and those with Gummi Ships (ships built from fragments of the barriers that surround each world) are allowed to know of and travel between Worlds.

The Heart Kingdoms are inhabited by six main types of beings: Entelechy, Heartless, Nobodies, Unversed, Constructs, and Dream Eaters.

Known worlds Edit

Known worlds in the Heart Kingdoms include:

Behind the scenes Edit

The Heart Kingdoms first appeared in Kingdom Hearts. It has subsequently been the setting for every other game in the Kingdom Hearts series.

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