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Hearts Of The Yukon is a comic story written and drawn by Don Rosa. It features Scrooge McDuck, Goldie O'Gilt, Colonel Steele, Lulu, Glass-Eye, Snake-Hips, an unamed cowboy, his bear Petunia, Jack London, Casey Coot, Soapy Slick's Gang, Inspector William Scarth, and Olaf Erickson. Soapy Slick is also mentioned.


In a flashback to his Klondike days, Scrooge McDuck clashes with stuffy but efficient mountie Steele, as the scum of Dawson City (which he has come to "cleanse") have all conspired to frame honest Scrooge as the most terrible criminal in town. Not to mention the continued conflictual relationship between the prospector and a certain saloon owner

Behind the scenes

This story, serving as Chapter 8C of The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck, was the first addendum to the series (if one discounts Of Ducks, Dimes and Destinies since it actually predates the inception of Life and Times). It dispenses with either the "scrapbook" opening of the regular episodes, or a framing device of the modern-day Scrooge remembering or telling the story as was used in subsequent "bonus chapters" such as The Cowboy Captain of the Cutty Sark.

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