Heirloom Watch
Vital Statistics
Type Watch
Era Georgian Era
Civilization English*
Estimated Price  ???
Magical? No

The Heirloom Watch is a heirloom of the McDuck Clan.


In 1753, Swindle McSue tricked Seafoam with a contract to deliver horseradish to Jamaica , and then scuttled Seafoam's boat, the Golden Goose .

Seafoam forfeited that fortune to McSue, when the ship sank and escaped with only a heirloom watch and his gold teeth left.

The watch passed down to Quagmire McDuck , and then to Fergus McDuck , who then gave it to Scrooge . Scrooge had promised to never sell the watch.

More than half a century later, Scrooge had kept the watch and was proud of it, as it could even predict solar eclipses, but it fell apart just before Scrooge learned that he could inherit Quagmire's estate, if he brought the watch inperfect running condition.

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