Hell's Heels

NonDisney.png Hell's Heels is a cartoon written by Bill Nolan, Ray Abrams, Manuel Moreno and Clyde Geronimi (loosely based on a novel by Peter B. Kyne), and directed by Walter Lantz. It features Oswald Rabbit, Peg-Leg Pete, and, in their debuts, Eye-Patch Will, the Sheriff of Heela City and his son.


After being roped into robbing the Heela City bank by Peg-Leg Pete and Eye-Patch Will, Oswald is forced to flee into the desert, where he stumbles upon a lost infant… who is none other than the son of the sheriff!

Behind the scenes

This cartoon short was released in 1930, one of the installments the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit series created after the departure of Walt Disney (and thus not currently owned by the Walt Disney Company at all).

It is a parody of the 1913 best-stelling Far West novel Three Godfathers, which was famously adapted in 1948 with John Wayne (though it had already received a film adaptation in 1916).

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