Herbert George Wells was a man of unknown species.


A 19th century English writer, H. G. Wells wrote a book entitled War of the Worlds in 1896. The first science-fiction novel concerning an alien invasion, it was famous enough in 1896 to receive a film adaptation starring Mickey Mouse. After finishing his science-fiction tale, Wells also speculated on what real Martian flora and fauna might look like, and among other theories, ended up inadvertently dressing the portrait of the Rollerpin Martian as it existed in another universe.

Behind the scenesEdit

This Herbert George Wells, obviously an in-universe version of the real H. G. Wells, is mentioned in the 1957 animated TV special Mars and Beyond and the 1987 story War of the Worlds, in both case in relation to his real-life novel The War of the Worlds (of which the latter story is an adaptation featuring Mickey Mouse & friends). The Invisible Goof (1981) is also based on a Wells story (The Invisible Man) but did not make mention of an in-universe Wells, instead presenting itself as actual events in the Prime Universe.

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