Heron of Alexandria was a human man.


An ancient Greek engineer living in Alexandria, Heron witnessed the staged "wonders" of the Egyptian priests and recognized each for what it was. Exploiting the driving principles used by the priests and "sorcerers" (direct heirs to the legacy of Dedi), Heron created many technological wonders, notably being a pioneer of the steam-engine with his Eolopile. Other creations of his included a "miraculous" water fountain that could never be emptied and moving statues where animals' head stayed attached even after they had seemingly been beheaded.

Behind the scenes

Heron first appeared in flashbacks in the 1957 story Mickey Mouse in Magic Land.

Naturally, Heron was a genuine historical figure, essentially similar to the Disneyfied version, though his name is usually transcribed as Hero rather than Heron in modern English writings. Though he did figure out the secret of the Egyptian temple, it is believed that this was not what sparked his inventing streak, and many of his devices seem to predate the incident. The historical Heron was active in the Library of Alexandria, something which is unknown for his comic version.

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