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Don Rosa's famous entry in the series.

Hey, Daisy, Whatever Happened To Scrooge? was a series of one-panel comics created in 1982, 1985, 1991 and 2015 by the fanzine Der DONALDIST.


Each entry in the series was an illustration by a prominent comics author or DONALDIST based on the prompt of the line "Hey, Daisy! Whatever happened to Scrooge?". Based on this line, most authors came up with ludicrous situations in which Scrooge McDuck found himself, observed by Daisy Duck and others. Freddy Milton's introductory entry was not part of the contest itself, but rather suggested that it existed in-universe, with Donald Duck himself pledging to participate.

List of stories

Story Author(s) Dates
01 (GC HDSH 11H) Freddy Milton 1978 (creation)
June of 1982 (release date)
02 (GC HDSH 11B) Bob Foster
June of 1982 (release date)
03 (G HDSH 11) Volker Reiche
04 (GC HDSH 11C) Ulrich Schröder
05 (GC HDSH 11D) Jan Gulbransson
06 (GC HDSH 11E) Luciano Bottaro
07 (GC HDSH 11F)
Jörg Drühl
08 (GC HDSH 11G)
09 (GC HDSH 11H) Jean-Claude Mézières
28 (GC HD 77B) Don Rosa October of 1991 (release date)
35 (Source) Victoria
Don Rosa
February of 2015 (release date)