Hi, I'm Mickey And You Are Watching Disney Channel! is a short animated spot featuring Mickey Mouse, Mary Poppins' Umbrella, and Abigail the Cow.

Description[edit | edit source]

Mickey Mouse attempts to use an Identification Wand to materialize the DIsney Channel logo. However, a powerful gust of wind blows various items past him and counteracts his efforts…

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Similar to the Mickey Mouse Disney Channel ID (the first Wand ID to feature Mickey Mouse), the Epic Mickey Disney Channel ID, and the DuckTales 2017’s Wand IDs, the spot is part of the Disney Channel tradition of small spots where characters from their various shows make the logo appear with a magic wand. It was followed by one featuring Minnie Mouse, Minnie Mouse Disney Channel ID.

It is probable that Mickey Mouse's "dialogue" was sampled from other recordings, especially considering that the final "Ha-ha!" uttered at the end does not seem to match Mickey's lips in the slightest, signaling overdubbing instead of animation created to match prerecorded dialogue as is normally the case.

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