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Hilda Goosedottir is a female dognose from the 2017 Continuum.


A descendant of Hilarius Goosesson, Hilda is one of the viking inhabitants of the secret, magically-secluded Viking Village in Doom Valley. When Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck and Della Duck encountered her at some point prior to 2007 or so, Hilda was a young, yet highly respected member of her community, and displayed the courage to back it up. As the descendant of Hilarius Goosesson, Hilda had a lot to live up too, and for the most part, did so. She was shown to be a skilled fighter, although she was no match for Della Duck.

In spite of her initial hot-headed demeanor, Hilda stopped fighting the Ducks after realizing they meant no harm and gladly took their offer to help. Hilda told the ducks of her plight of how the magic sheep were growing weak given the hot and dry weather and how they were weakening the magic vortex. Scrooge used his refrigerators to help cool the sheep, which powered the vortex, making sure the Vikings would be able to live comfortably for the next 1000 years at least.

Behind the Scenes

Hilda first appeared on November the 1st, 2017 in A Viking At My Door!