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History Re-Petes Itself is a story written by David Gerstein, penciled by Romano Scarpa and inked by Sandro Del Conte. It features Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Peg-Leg Pete, Goofy, Horace Horsecollar, Clarabelle Cow, Patricia Pigg and Peggy Pigg. Trigger Hawkes, Professor Einmug, Oswald Rabbit, Julius the Cat and Eega Beeva make cameos as pictures in the story.


Pete has a gun that can make a person into a baby and plans to use it on Mickey. The ray hits Pete instead, and, with a kid Pete on their hands, the Mouseton heroes decide to raise him all over again into a good person. Things don't do so well, but does it mean Pete is fundamentally bad, or is something else at play?

Behind the scenes

This story was written by David Gerstein in 2000. It was first published in the Norwegian Donald Duck & Co. 07/2000 in 2000. It was first published in English in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #654 in 2005.