The Hitchhiking Ghosts is a title referring to a group of three spectres comprised of Ezra, Phineas and Gus.

History Edit

An inseparable trio of friends, the Hitchhiking Ghosts wait together at the exit of the Haunted Mansion, where they follow departing mortal guests home, in the hope of pestering them and haunting them until they deign to come back to the Mansion. The Hitchhikers' pranksterly dispositions also make them the jokesters of the Mansion even among the ghosts themselves.

They occasionally visited the House of Mouse after it opened for Halloween, where he assisted Mickey Mouse in scaring off Peg-Leg Pete alongside many other spooks. In 2002, they joined many other enemies to take over the House of Mouse. However this only lasted a short matter of time, before the leader of the takeover, Jafar, was trapped inside the Lamp by Mickey.

Behind the scenes Edit

The Hitchhiking Ghosts debuted in 1969 as part of the Haunted Mansion ride in Disneyland, and have become some of the ride's most iconic characters, alongside the Hatbox Ghost.

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