Horace Twerp is a man (presumed to be a dognose).


Horace Twerp is one of the only two inhabitants of Seedyville, Calisota. In 1951, he rented a building from Scrooge McDuck, turning it into a General Store; three months later, he decided to buy the building outright. Twerp was still the owner of the store in 1961, when, due to an archival mistake that resulted in his forgetting he had sold it to Twerp, Scrooge McDuck sent Donald Duck to collect the ten years of supposed "back rent". Little is known about Horace Twerp's appearance, but, due to his last name and to the fact that he was (according to Scrooge McDuck) conspicuously dissimilar to Seedyville's other inhabitant, it is possible to infer that he was probably a short and skinny man.

Behind the scenesEdit

Horace Twerp is mentioned profusely (and his General Store glimpsed) in the 1961 story The Trouble Shooters.

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