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A "Horde of Thieves" were a group of anthropomorphic dogs.


These thieves lived in Transylvania in the Renaissance. One set of the modern Beagle Boys' many forebears, they focused on a Transylvanian relative of the Clan McDuck, Count Duckesque, whose treasure they sought to rob. After they gave him some trouble, the Count did, however, create a foolproof defence system, with the help of his trusted butler; namely, a swarm of trained guardian bats.

Centuries later, the Transylvanian chapter of the modern Beagle Boys were still trying to take down Castle Duckesque; they were most probably the direct descendants of the horde, especially considering that they were still using literally medieval equipment in their efforts.

Behind the scenes

The Horde first appeared in 1986 in Donald Duck and the Adventure in Transylvania.