The Horned King's Castle was a medieval castle.


This looming castle was built in the early Dark Ages in Prydain by a noble and worthy King, wielder of the Magic Sword. Long after Gwydion's death, the sorcerous warlord known as the Horned King took over the castle and surrounding plain, turning it into a gloomy fortress of evil, basking in Dark Magic. There, for decades, the King amassed corpses of warriors (whom he later made into his Army of the Dead) and held prisoners in the vast dungeons. The Castle was destroyed (along with the Horned King himself) by the magical explosion caused when the Black Cauldron's powers were cancelled out by Gurgi's sacrificed.

Behind the scenesEdit

This castle was only ever seen in the 1985 film The Black Cauldron.

In the original Chronicles of Prydain books, the castle in which the Old King's remains (and sword) are found is called Spiral Castle; however, it is neither the home of Arawn nor of the Horned King, the two characters combined into the Disney Horned King, and it does not much resemble the Castle of the film. Instead, Arawn dwells in a dark fortress much closer to the Horned King's Castle in the Disney film, called Oeth-Anoeth.

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