Horseshoes Hogg is an anthropomorphic pig.


Horseshoes Hogg is Porker Hogg's nephew and, unlike his dishonest gambler of an uncle, is a respected sportsman. In 1955, he pestered Scrooge McDuck relentlessly to convince him to finish the race his uncle and Scrooge's uncle Pothole started in 1870 and never finished. Scrooge eventually gave in and won the race in spite of an increasingly desperate Horseshoes Hogg's attempts to sabotage him, although the prize (a southern mansion called Cornpone Gables) turned out not to have held on very well against the ravages of eight-five years.

Behind the scenesEdit

Horseshoes Hogg first appeared in 1955 in Carl Barks's story The Great Steamboat Race.

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