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Grandma Hortensia, whose maiden name may have been Hortensia Duckker[note 1] and whose married surname was presumably Gadwall, was an anthropomorphic duck.


Apparently born in 1818, Hortensia was the grandmother of Elvira Duck. She and her husband had a very active part in raising their grandchildren, children of their daughter. It even seems that, by her teenage and young adult years, Elvira was living and working on Hortensia's farm.[1] Many years later, Elvira would often tell stories of Hortensia, whom, in her own time, she came to greatly resemble.

It is known that one of Elvira's grandmothers, Miranda, was captured by a Native American tribe in her youth and stayed with them until she was rescued by her future husband.[2] Whether this Miranda is the same character as Hortensia is unknown.

Behind the scenes

Hortensia, known in the original Portugese as "Vovó Hortênsia", appeared in the 1982 story, Um Natal do Passado (INDUCKS: B 820168) Here, she is shown to be the grandmother of Elvira Duck. It can be assumed that she is Elvira's maternal grandmother, and thus, a Gadwall.

A grandmother of Elvira Coot appears in The Grandma Duck Story (INDUCKS: I TL 1677-b). Presumably the same character as Hortensia Gadwall, this grandmother owned a farm and was remembered for burning a cake.

Notes and References

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  1. Elvira Duck had a granduncle named Duckker in Discover at Duckker's Pond. This character might have been Hortensia's brother, though this is uncertain.