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Hotel Transylvania is a comic story written by Janet Gilbert and drawn by Wanda Gattino. It features Donald Duck, the Manager, Sir Edgar, Count Dracula, Grimhilde, the Blob, the Phantom of the Opera, Cleopatra and another Mummy, the Two-Headed Coach, the Monster Chambermaid, Antzilla, the Nine-Eyes Woman, the Seven-Eyes ManNorman, the Costume Party Ghosts, the Dragon Man, the Fanged Gentleman, the Furball Monster and Frankenstein's MonsterBigfoot is also mentioned.


Donald Duck got a job as a hotel concierge in the Duckburg Ritz, and this becomes his latest "brittle mastery". As things are going well, the Manager decides to send him to the wider company's most troublesome facilities, the Hotel Transylvania, which caters exclusively to monsters and ghoulies. Can he rise to the challenge? Yes, he can, surprisingly enough. But will this last? …Probably not.

Behind the scenes

This story was first published in 2004 in the Swedish Kalle Anka & Co. #2004-43. It was printed in English in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #673.

Hotel Transylvania shares its name with a more recent series of animated non-Disney comedy films, which also focus on a hotel for monsters and the chaotic goings-on therein. Count Dracula, who makes a brief appearance in the Disney story, is reimagined as the manager of the hotel in the film.